Getting Started

We made it easy for any community to launch a StartUp Cup by offering it free of charge and providing ongoing support. You will want to carefully read the rules and requirements before launching your own StartUp Cup.


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StartUp Cup License* – Apply Now

Each StartUp Cup license includes the following:

  • The StartUp Cup Guide: A step-by-step breakdown of how to produce a successful StartUp Cup accelerator program with business model competition curriculum (Digital download).
  • Pre-designed website template with hosting (see for an example) including rules, resources, timeline, and automated submission process.
  • Virtual project management, including templated email communications, customizable promotional materials, judging, coaching set up examples, video tutorials, and more.
  • Sponsorship package template (We provide InDesign files to allow for customization).

Rules & Requirements

As entrepreneurs we are not big fans of rules. In the spirit of entrepreneurs we have come up with as few rules as possible to ensure that each StartUp Cup is customizable to the specific needs of the community.

StartUp Cup licensee rules and requirements include:

  • Utilize the StartUp Cup logo and branding provided.
  • Utilize the StartUp Cup Website template provided.
  • Follow the StartUp Cup Guide and Bootstrapping methodology. . . refer to it often.
  • Encourage anyone with any idea, from any background, or education level to participate.
  • Keep us posted on your progress by filling out all surveys and questionnaires. We want you to be successful and want to stay in contact as you progress through your entrepreneurial, community-building, journey
  • Agree to kick-off your StartUp Cup within four (4) months of application. Special arrangements can be made for organizers needing more time to coordinate and launch a StartUp Cup.
  • All processes and content licensed for the StartUp Cup are the exclusive property of StartUp Cup and any use beyond production of a single licensed StartUp Cup is prohibited.

Apply for a StartUp Cup license today!