Each StartUp Cup is produced by a dedicated team of local organizers and volunteers passionate about growing entrepreneurs and startups in their community. While StartUp Cup was originally designed to take place over a seven-month period, with seven main events, each community is encouraged to customize and tailor the competition to fit the specific timing, culture, and needs of the local community.

StartUp Cup is designed to support entrepreneurial growth, expand business and community connections, enhance Global Entrepreneurship Week activities, and maximize promotional opportunities both locally, regionally, and nationally.

Utilize and customize the StartUp Cup process to fit your community. You may want to be more flexible in timing (we recommend a competitive judging and coaching process no shorter than two months), you may choose to offer larger or smaller cash prizes, or you may alter your events. This is YOUR StartUp Cup!


The StartUp Cup process has been well documented to make it simple to replicate in any community. Documentation includes step-by-step processes and procedures essential in creating a successful business model competition. Most important, the StartUp Cup support team provides coaching and training, as needed, to produce a successful StartUp Cup. It is our great hope that StartUp Cup will become an important program enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in your community.

What it Takes

  • StartUp Cup Organizer
  • Project Management
  • WordPress Website Manager
  • Marketing / Public Relations
  • Local business building judges
  • Local business building mentors

Are you ready to ignite an entrepreneurial renaissance in your community? Learn how to launch your own StartUp Cup Business Model Competition.