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Expanding the Global Economy through Entrepreneurship

Behind most business endeavors are entrepreneurs with the vision, passion and drive to create their own career paths, build financial independence, and potentially change the world. Entrepreneurs create jobs, they help shape communities, and their businesses purchase products and services to help them do this.

StartUp Cup reaches beyond the typical entrepreneurial competitions that focus only on high-growth companies and market segments, which represent only 2% of all businesses. We target the other 98% of companies, allowing StartUp Cup to help build more businesses that create more job growth, are locally driven and are part of an expanding global network. These companies aren’t necessarily technology-focused, but they rely on technology and related services to reach and manage customers and stay more competitive.

StartUp Cup participants are the companies of the future: the startups, small businesses and emerging companies that create jobs, build a skilled workforce, and purchase goods and services as their businesses grow.

StartUp Cup provides a unique opportunity for your company to establish brand preference and connect with leading entrepreneurs around the globe who are establishing thriving businesses that consume a wide variety of business services. If you are interested in learning more about StartUp Cup and sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Kristen Bergman  |  Vice President – Strategic Partnerships  |  +1 918.409.2246 |