Community Benefits

StartUp Cup Judging and Coaching in Action

The impact of implementing a StartUp Cup within a community has been quantified.

Communities hosting a StartUp Cup can anticipate annual job and startup growth:

  • Up to 100 startups inspired to participate in a local StartUp Cup
  • 12 new operating startups
  • 51 new jobs created with an average salary of $44,223*
  • $2,161,482 in annual payroll
    * US Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Compensation Survey, 2010

The benefits of a StartUp Cup go well beyond the creation of jobs. StartUp Cup has proven a powerful program to grow a local entrepreneurial community:

Identify and Engage Entrepreneurs
StartUp Cup is a powerful magnet designed to attract, and enroll entrepreneurs with any type of business idea, from any background, and any level of education.

Train Entrepreneurs How to Build a Company
Compress the time it takes for a new company to go-to-market, secure customers, and, most important, to start generating revenue and grow a company that can stand the test of time.

Connect Entrepreneurs with Local and Global Resources
Increase awareness and collaboration among local service providers to identify the resources available to entrepreneurs. Judges and mentors make personal referrals to friends and associates during the competitive process.

Fund New Companies Small and Large
Easily identify the new companies and teams that will most likely go on to create business success. Increase the likelihood of investment and creation of Angel networks.

Celebrate the Entrepreneurial Spirit
StartUp Cup is a marketing and public relations machine with entrepreneurs and service providers featured in the local media on a regular basis during the competitive process. StartUp Cup also increases ties and engagement with Global Entrepreneurship Week as a Featured Event of Global Entrepreneurship Week.